Sleeping Ferret

sleeping ferret

Here is a photo of a lazy ferret. I guess he had a long day 😉

Ferrets as Pets

Ferrets are highly sociable animals. They are playful, curious, and extremely active. They make intensely loyal pets, and plenty of pet ferret owners have felt how these animals show affection to their caring owners. Before you run over the local pet store, there are a few questions that most people fail to consider. Questions such as what responsibilities go with keeping ferrets as pets-what you should know before you get a pet ferret, and how ferrets should be handled if there are children in the house, are just some questions that need to be answered before buying a ferret for a pet.

One of the first things you will need to consider is obviously whether a ferret is a loyal pet for you and your family. These animals tend to require a substantial deal of time to bond with their owners, and would need careful supervision if you have small children in the household. Ferrets are usually not the pet of choice for families who have children below the age of 6. Ferrets also give off a slightly musky odor, and the males’ urine has a stronger, muskier smell. Since ferrets are born hunters, they can not be expected to get along with other small pets such as birds, fish, and rodents, although they can be trained to get along with your pet dog or cat Another noteworthy thing to consider when thinking about owning a pet ferret is whether it is legal to own a ferret in your state. Some cities in Nevada prohibit the owning of a pet ferret if there is a small child living in the house, while some places in California only allow neutered males to be kept as pets. In order to find out whether it is legal for you to own a ferret, check with your state’s fish and wildlife department. You can also ask the local veterinarian about the legal aspects of owning a pet ferret.

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