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A Raccoon Kitten

Just look at this guy! He found himself a girlfriend 😉

Jarhead Critter

jarhead raccoon

Look at this guy! He put his head in the jar…this little raccoon is a jarhead 😉

Silly Squirrel (Cute Sillly Squirrel)

OMG! This guy is the best! Its not like the other squirrel with its nuts in its mouth, but it is trying to put nuts in its little mouth! Very cute!!!!

Hungry Squirrel

hungry squirrel

What a cutie! This squirrel has force one or two nuts in its mouth and is trying to run away. How cute! It is very nice photograph.

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Sleeping Ferret

sleeping ferret

Here is a photo of a lazy ferret. I guess he had a long day 😉

Ferrets as Pets

Ferrets are highly sociable animals. They are playful, curious, and extremely active. They make intensely loyal pets, and plenty of pet ferret owners have felt how these animals show affection to their caring owners. Before you run over the local pet store, there are a few questions that most people fail to consider. Questions such as what responsibilities go with keeping ferrets as pets-what you should know before you get a pet ferret, and how ferrets should be handled if there are children in the house, are just some questions that need to be answered before buying a ferret for a pet. Read more

Cute Baby Raccon

baby raccoon

Probably the best baby raccoon picture I have ever come across. There are many raccoon pictures online because raccoons live in cities. The truth of the matter is though, that raccoons are primarily nocturnal so good pictures like this are hard to come by.

According to, regardless of whether it is winter or spring, raccoons are likely to pay you a visit. As intelligent as they are raccoons will choose their dwelling with considerable caution and normally they settle for an attic. A mother will end up giving birth and raising her young in this spot.Raccoons might not pose a danger to you and your family directly, but they can mess up with your landscaping, garbage cans and pets.It is advisable that you do something about it, but you should consider that animals need to be treated humanely in all aspects. Read more

Pink Cat

pink cat

As far as pink animals go, this pink cat is possibly one of the cutest!


Cute Ferrets

two ferrets

How else to open this brand now blog but with a great photograph of a couple of very cute ferrets. The picture shows a white and a dark coloured ferret. Enjoy!

two ferrets